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May 1st, 2003, 1:22 PM
Does anyone have any pictures of the Hrsw-210 Stereo Subwoofer set-up?

WOW with recommended amplifier power being up to 600W RMS per channel (stereo subs) and coming in at 220lbs for the stereo subwoofer setup ( +/- 1dB from 17Hz up) http://hsuresearch.com/forum/images/icons/icon10.gif

Retail Price: $2500 (stereo subwoofer setup) with High End Crossover
Tech Specs:

The HRSW210 Stereo Subwoofer System

The HRSW210 is a very high output subwoofer system with flat power response to 17Hz. For the first time, you will experience tuneful, ultra-tight mid and upper bass punch together with wall-cracking low bass -- a combination we have never experienced with any other subwoofers on the market, regardless of price.

Transparent, flexible electronic crossover

The HRSW210 is truly a high-end subwoofer. It uses a single-ended, discrete FET, pure class A, 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover with close-tolerance polypropylene capacitors and metal-film resistors for true high-end performance. Useful features on the crossover include a phase inversion switch for the subwoofers, and a bypass switch which allows you to compare the sound of your system including the crossover and subwoofers with the sound of your main speakers in their full-range mode.

Ultra-high-performance woofers

The drivers used in this system are the longest-throw, lowest-distortion 10-inch woofers we know. Two large magnets are stacked to give enormous clearance to the voice coil. The pole piece overhangs the magnetic gap by a full half inch for better field linearity and more constant voice coil inductance, thereby reducing distortion considerably.

Besides the voice coil and magnet structure, we also use the world's largest and most durable butyl rubber surround for many years of extreme enjoyment. We also use a flat Nomex spider for better linearity and long-term reliability. We have also mounted the woofers with their axes of movement horizontal so that gravity will not gradually cause the voice-coil to become misaligned.

Minimizing cabinet vibrations

In our less expensive designs, the cylindrical enclosures we use help minimize enclosure side-wall flexture. However, we still have some vibration of the top and bottom, due mainly to the whole cabinet moving in reaction to the woofer cone moving in and out -- when the cone moves down, the woofer frame and enclosure move up.

In the HRSW210, we mount two opposing woofers in each cabinet such that the reactive forces on the woofer frames cancel, thus eliminating overall cabinet motion. A steel rod attached between top and bottom panels reduces the flexing caused by varying air pressures within the enclosure.

Technical Specifications

Crossover Type:
single-ended, discrete FET, pure class A, 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover with close-tolerance polypropylene capacitors for even power supply bypass

Crossover Frequency:
91 Hz standard, optional frequencies 28, 34, 43, 51, 62, 75, 109, 131, 155Hz. (Set by plug-in modules.)

Crossover Impedance:
100k ohms

Crossover Output Impedance:
100 ohms

Crossover Inputs:
Stereo line level, gold-plated RCA jacks

Stereo line level subwoofer outputs, high-pass outputs, and full-range outputs, all with gold-plated RCA jacks

Crossover Controls:
Subwoofer level, phase (0 or 180 degrees), crossover in/out

Frequency Response:
+/- 1dB from 17Hz up, to -6dB at the crossover frequency (Linkwitz-Riley alignment)

Subwoofer Input Impedance:
6 ohms minimum, 8 ohms nominal

Power Handling:
400W RMS per channel

Recommended Amplifier Power:
100-600W RMS per channel

Crossover Power Requirements:
120VAC, 10W

Zolatone (granite look) top, with seamless black knit cloth over the cylinder.

24 inches in diameter, 35 inches high with spikes (subwoofer); 8.25 inches wide, 2.3 inches high, 5.4 inches deep (crossover)

Shipping Weight:
110 lbs. per speaker enclosure, 3 lbs. crossover

Black-anodized aluminum spiked feet (three).

30-day money-back guarantee, 5-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects in the subwoofer, 1-year for electronics.

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Now in a quick search here is an owners opinion of the Hrsw-210 stero sub setup.

Now did any magazine ever review this and if not why not?
It sounds like a great set-up that must have put out some depth and spl.
What I find quite astonishing is the "sheer enclosure size" of the Hrsw210 stereo set-up.

At 24 inches in diameter and 35 inches high on each sub a stereo pair would be almost like two 44 gallon drums in your room.

Even though Dr Hsu only used two 10 " drivers per cylinder these where both fatter than the Hrsw12va (23") and taller than the TN1225Ho (32") while both of these used a single 12" driver.

Lets face it +/- 1dB from 17Hz up is not shabby from 10" drivers. Perhaps if I dig around a little with some questions I might be able to drag up a photo of the Hrsw210 for interest sake.


May 1st, 2003, 2:17 PM
I asked Dr. Hsu about that, and he said he didn't have any pictures of it. I don't think it was ever reviewed by a mainstream magazine. He didn't produce too many of those. It was apparently a HUGE beast, 2-3 times the size of the VTF-3. Dr. Hsu designed some magnum sized subs in the past, but most people ended up prefering the slimmer ones in the end.

The first Hsu sub I had was about 7 feet tall and much bigger than the current TN-1220. We found it even paired well with a Wilson Audio tiny-tot/Puppy combo that didn't quite go down to 20 Hz. The model number is on the tip of my tongue. From what I heard, it was a nightmare to ship. I guess more amplifier power allowed Dr. Hsu to start making smaller subs.

May 1st, 2003, 2:56 PM
The first Hsu sub I had was about 7 feet tall and much bigger than the current TN-1220.

Yes, now that's big.
What model was that?

Dr Hsu had some 18" drivers in tubes (aka Pipedreams) as well at one stage if I remember rightly.

I never heard the earlier subs than the Hrsw12v and although the Hrsw210 was still listed as avaliable in 1999 the quite famous garbage can sized Hrsw12va had gone MIA. The Hrsw210 must have been a dynamic system. I gather the Tn1220Ho was just easier to make and a lot cheaper yet its performance was slightly better than the 12va and not much behind the Hrsw210 setup.

I think a lot of people would be very interested in some photos of some of this stuff we are talking about because its obvious that Dr Hsu really has done a lot of work with various subwoofer designs. Dr Hsu should dig out his old photo albums and scan some in for the archieval history of Hsu Research.

" some of the most impressive subwoofer systems I've heard "
Peter Mitchell, Stereophile, Vol. 14, No 3

Mr Mitchell would have been saying he got it right if he could see Hsu today.