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Anubisrocks September 17th, 2009 11:29 AM

Got my first sub the VTF-1 Thank you Pete!
I have been looking for a sub since May 2009 and tested a few subs before including a $1300 Velodyne! However, the situations did not allow me to really turn up the heat on them.
Went to HSU HQ Tuesday evening to demo subs and complete my education in them.
Pete Hsu stayed late to allow me to come after work and do just that.
He educated me on subs and the important components. We decided on the VTF-1 to test.
We used only two bookshelf speakers and the sub. First we played some acoustic jazz with vocals and then some non-vocals and things sounded perfect, every note distinct, nice seperation, the works. Then I brought in the heavy caliber stuff: RUSH selections and a heavy bass pop selection. Loaded them in and cranked it. The VTF-1 was only at 1/4 power and didn't even break a sweat. In fact, I thought I heard say at one point "Is that all you got"?
Everything was crisp, clear, distinct, nice seperation, never any crashing, distortion, chuffing or any other anomaly. (1/4 power and it still moved the sofa I was sitting on (which was kind of distracting for music, but only because the ports where facing the back of the sofa).
In fact, I could not locate the sub! It sounded like the bass was in front! I have tower speakers at home and can just imagine the viseral effect I will get!
We did the same with movies and the results were the same with the addition of easily shaking the sofa and walls!
I love how you can switch between music mode and HT mode with the VTF line of subs.
What we pushed through the VTF-1 would have damaged most big box subs in the same price range. In fact, the $1300 Velodyne while a good sub did not sound as good as the VTF-1 for music at all. (Velodyne = too boomy and when backed off too subtle)
Just shows that high price does not a good sub make.
I can hardly wait to hook my sub up this weekend!

Thanks again Pete and HSU for providing high-end subs at prices that more can afford thus more folks enjoying their systems.

Pete_Hsu September 19th, 2009 11:14 AM

Thank you Anubisrocks, I am thrilled that you liked the VTF-1 subwoofer, great choice! I am looking forward to first impressions!

Listening to RUSH was a blast too, thanks for bringing that :)


Anubisrocks October 2nd, 2009 9:35 PM

First impressions and beyond
Finally, after much tweaking of this or that I got my VTF-1 dialed in. Finally found a spot for it where it works best for the room.
My impressions of this sub? In a word; Fabulous!!!!!!
It is very precise! Works very well with my Onkyo 705 AVR and my old main speakers as well as my cheapo surrounds.

Musically: This thing is as tight as it gets on the right settings. It has brought new life to my CD collection. You should hear what it does for improve be-bop jazz quartets! I hear bass I did not hear before. (I only thought I heard it before). I'm an audiophile when it comes to music and I used to work in the biz as a sound engineer and also a music director for a radio station so I know what I hear when I hear it. This sub is right on the money. It blends perfectly! (After set up of course).
It comes in at just the right time and does not go out of sync at all. I have tested it on Jazz as mentioned above as well as Burt Bachrach which I only thought I was hearing before. I have also tested it on Rush, ambient, hard rock and everything in between and it really brings out the life of the recordings.
Movies: Let me just say that I can now process THX! All the DVDs I watched before have come alive with this sub!!!! I tried Start Trek Wrath of Khan first and was not too impressed with it. The reason I found out is the DVD version I have is HD in PQ, but lousy in sound. It seems they made the sound too flat or something. The sub would not activate on the explosions in that movie. In fact there are very little sounds in that movie that hit the sub's range.
However, I then switched over to Star Wars.....WOW!!!!!!! It was better than when I first saw it in the movie theater!!!! Not only is my TV new (Samsung LCD), but the THX sound logo blew me away as did the sound throughout the movie. It was really something. It added a whole new demonsion to the movie.
It's like hearing CDs and watching movies for the first time again!

HSU knows how to make a sub and proves that one does not need to spend $900, $1300 or more for a very well made high performance sub. In fact, I know of no one else that makes an adjustable sub such as the VTF series of HSU!

mentatgom October 8th, 2009 9:21 PM

LOL, glad to see another enthusiastic RUSH fan bring in some tunes to their audition! I brought my share of concert DVDs and studio CDs. One couch in the audition room was for sitting and listening, the other held the stack of stuff I brought in to listen!

Pete_Hsu October 9th, 2009 8:19 AM

Good deal Anubisrocks, I am so happy to hear that the subwoofer is working well in your system :)

And by the way, does it go without saying that RUSH is simply amazing? :D

Anubisrocks October 16th, 2009 1:31 PM

I found another good test song you might want to put in the demo room collection (along with selected Rush tracks) = U2 - "With or Without You. Adam's bass rumbles on this song and while there are distinctive notes they are in the lower register and only brought out by a good musical sub!
I just discovered this the other day.:)

rockcreek October 23rd, 2009 7:02 PM

I did it!
Well, I finally pulled the trigger; I got the wife to okay the purchase (she actually said "get what you want") but since I have to shoestring the purchases, I got the VTF-1 instead of the VTF-2 and will start putting beans in the jar toward the Oppo BD player. :)

Also, the good Dr. Hsu responded to my email and said the VTF-1 would work just fine. I went around the horn many times among a HSU and a PB-12NSD, an A3-250, an EPIK Sentinel, and a DT ProSub 800, but I always wanted a Hsu ever since I saw the original cylinder designs.

It also doesn't hurt that my family name is also Hsu. (It's a very popular Chinese name.) Anyway, now I can't wait for this thing to ship. Come to Papa! (Also thanks to anubis; I've been reading his hunting posts here and at AVS.)

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