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pr@j December 21st, 2014 3:26 PM

Country of Origin / Manufacture labelling
Can anyone confirm if the packaging for any and/or ALL of the HSU products has any indication of their country of origin/manufacturing? According to Canadian Border Services website, as a Canadian, we do NOT have to pay duty/taxes on goods manufactured in the USA or Mexico. I don't see any explicit references in the user manuals for where the HSU products are manufactured - I was wondering if the OUTER packaging has any "Made in the USA" labelling?

I am doing my homework and if I can avoid paying $200 - $300 in taxes, then it would be worth it for me to ship said items to a US dropbox location and pick them up versus shipping them cross border and unnecessarily paying duty. A quote I got a while back for the 5.1 system with VTF-15h MK2 sub, was totalling about $2000 USD (including shipping and taxes) so I figured why not save some money.

If anyone has done this, or has brought the goods across into Canada, I would be interested to know if you had to pay duty and provincial taxes or not.

lradden December 21st, 2014 7:56 PM

Lots of picks of the boxes here http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-su...l#post30002338 One of the picks shows the top of the box with Hsu's address on the box opposed to on a shipping label if that will help.

pr@j December 22nd, 2014 5:35 AM

@lradden, thanks for the link. I am hoping this helps, I did see references to US Patent numbers, though that is piddly because the CBS people may be anal and say we must see something that says "Made in USA/Made in Mexico/Made in Canada" but I think that the address of HSU may do - because I could not find anywhere in their user manuals about anything indicating that even parts of the speakers are from outside of USA.

Will see what HSU team says. Appreciate the response!

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