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Trogdor July 31st, 2018 9:49 AM

Optimal placement for dual MK2s
Hello all,

Let me be the first to introduce myself as a new member of the Hsu fan club. The last subwoofer I bought was a Sunfire 10" on ebay about 13 years ago that the plate amp went out on about 3 years after... I still have it for sentimental value, can't bring myself to toss it.

I put together a whole new home theater recently and after all the installation, cleanup, etc I'm down to fine tuning tv settings and sub placement.

These subs weigh 3/4 of what I do and took me about 45 minutes to engineer a solution just to get them out of the box where I wanted to get them to because I lacked self control to wait for a friend to get off work lol. Also, it makes the "sub crawl" a little impractical.

I was running them with 1 port open eq1 for about a week and changed to 2 ports open eq2 and I like the second configuration better. I still have yet to really see what these things are capable of because I havent pushed them beyond about 30% because they're so powerful, I'm very impressed with the quality of what I purchased, no regrets. Because of the shape of my room I think the subs would might be better placed if on opposite sides of the room.

Also, at the time I purchased a few aurelex subwoofer pads I planned on going with a pair of VTF-3s so the pads aren't quite long enough. But one thing lead to another and I ended up going all out. I'm not famous for either subtlety or self control lol

Anyway, the front feet of the MK2s miss the pad by about 3-4" and the bottom of the enclosure hits the pad. I imagine this is not ideal and I should I return them for a larger size?

TL;DR 2 questions:

10x16 room with the sub on the rear left in front of the door that leads upstairs, should I move them to opposite sides of the room for better response? Please forgive my domestic cartography skills, I'm not much of a blue print maker but I think it has all the pertinent information. �� I currently have my front right r300 on top of the sub as it's only a few inches taller than my speaker stands.

Should I return the current sub pads for larger ones so all of the feet on the enclosure make contact or can I remove the feet and place the enclosure on top of the mat? Or would that be coupling instead of decoupling? Truth is I'm ignorant as to the solution that appeases physics the most!

Thank you for your help, I'm impressed with these subs... My only "let down" per se is that I couldn't get them in gloss white to match the Kefs because I think they would look amazing if they matched. Performance wise I have 0 complaints, compliments to the Hsu Research team! Hopefully I can get my room sketch to show properly.

Edit: here's a direct link to my room plans, the pic I linked doesn't seem to be working for me, let me know if it doesn't work and I'll try hosting it somewhere else.


Kevin_Hsu August 1st, 2018 4:11 PM

Hi there,

Yea those subs are very heavy, so we usually recommend going with the flip method of unpacking. Basically you open the first box, take out foam and corner reinforcements and flip the box over. Pull the outer box off, open the inner box and flip. I would try your configuration first of catre-cornering the two subs. The sub in the front would likely give you a good amount of deeper bass and the sub next to you would give you a better mid bass punch. That being said you are pretty close to the back wall, so you may still get great results by placing both subs in the front left and right corner. You can remove the feet and place the sub on a the sub pad. I recommend placing something like a towel under it to protect the finish of the sub a bit more, especially if the finish on the pad is heavily textured. One thing to make sure of is that if you remove the feet, make sure that there is no air leaking coming from the screw holes. If there is, you can try placing tape over it, or sealing it with silicone sealant. The pad is stated to decouple the sub from the floor so it won't matter either way.

Trogdor August 13th, 2018 12:20 PM

Thanks Kevin,

I appreciate it. Yeah after getting the first sub out I managed to get the second one out "the easy way" lol. I just went ahead and returned the original pads I had purchased for a larger version since I was still in the return window.

I guess the only reason for me to move the subs to opposite sides at this point is because I have cable concealers on the wall and floor on the right side whereas I'm running my sub's coax over a wood floor on the rear left and it looks tacky.

Tbh the first floor of my house is mainly just my living room and kitchen - I could probably place these things anywhere in my house and get stellar results! This was my first purchase from Hsu and if I had the chance to do it over again there's no doubt I would make the same decision again. Thank you again to the Hsu Research team.

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