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mentatgom March 24th, 2020 2:06 PM

Possible HSU Speaker Trade ?
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Hey All,

I'm in Southern California and have two HSU HB-1 MK2 and one HC-1 MK2. I'm seeing if anyone would like to trade for a pair of HSU CCB-8?

My HB-1 pair and HC-1 are nicer aesthetically than the current versions being sold. They feature the discontinued Expresso Veneer and have fully magnetic speaker grills. The speaker faces are perfectly smooth due to not having grill post holes. This Veneer has different character based on lighting and has a high WAF.

I bought and picked these up direct from HSU HQ back in the day :D. I'm just not doing home theater anymore and I already got rid of one pair of these HB-1 MK2.

I have uploaded a number of speaker images for you.

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