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Pespo December 17th, 2019 8:21 PM

Time to upgrade
My 30+ year old M&K V2B amp is failing... time for an upgrade.

- 12x10x8 open to kitchen along 12; 2x8 recess housing A/V; partially vaulted
- Emotiva XMC-1 (upgrading to XMC-2)
- Emotiva XPA-5
- M&K S1B x 4
- Jamo C10
- M&K V-2B
- 60/40 watching / listening

Space is tight but Iím moving shortly hoping for a larger space. Will go dual or more then.

Thoughts about ULS-15 mk2. Will they pair well with M&K S1-B? What can I expect over my old subwoofer with respect to music and HT? I do like it loud but precise and the S1-B could use some help in the mid-base area.

Appreciate the input.

Kevin_Hsu December 18th, 2019 5:03 PM

Hello there! Are the speakers situated on the 10' wall? Where are you seated in that room? How large is the opening to the kitchen? Can't see much in terms of specs, but it looks to be a 12" sealed. So the ULS-15 Mk2 would likely be able to play significantly louder and cleaner across the board. Do you know the amp rating?

Pespo December 19th, 2019 1:11 PM

The room is 12x10, 12 is the north wall, which includes an 8' recess housing AV and LCR. Seating is directly across on the opposite or south virtual 12 wall which is open to the kitchen. In that opening is a 9' counter with cabinets suspended from the ceiling, so its not entirely open, only the ends. One 10 is a solid wall, ther other has windows nearly to the floor

XPA 5 delivers 300W into 4 ohm (S1B). The V2B is250W RMS, not sure max.

I am considering stepping up LCR to ~450.. but I really cant use all that power at the moment.

Kevin_Hsu December 19th, 2019 4:51 PM

Thanks! The ULS-15 Mk2 should be a pretty nice upgrade over your current sub. With a 250w RMS and 12" sealed, the ULS-15 Mk2 will likely be like having at least 3-4 of those subs put together in terms of clean output. So it would give you better dynamic range and will play cleaner for both music and home theater. It will likely also provide you a bit more extension as well. That should have no issue integrating with the S1-B. Your room isn't very large so it should be able to pressurize that room quite well. You also want to consider placing the sub in the front corner. Since you're up against the back wall, that would provide you a good amount of boundary gain and your response may be pretty smooth as well.

Pespo December 21st, 2019 5:11 AM


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