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daddyora February 27th, 2018 4:12 AM

center speaker
new to forum but old to world (73 yrs). Moving to new house and have opportunity to upgrade my audio system. Since I have some hi-f hearing loss I want to emphasize good dialogue and start with a very good center channel and build a 5.1 or 5.2 around that cc. Currently have 5.1 Def Tech Procinema with Yamaha Aventage 660 receiver and it does ok in a much smaller space than new home. 80/20 on movies and soft rock music. New listening area approx. 12x12 but in an open area 20x20 with 10 ft ceilings and numerous architectural features. Will keep current AVR. With Hsu center speakers, I like the tech, neod magnets, etc. Question is - can I benefit from the horn tweeters or not (remember the hi-f hearing problems) ??? Horns vs coax ??? And yes, I know, the coax costs more so it must be better, if so, why ???

Kevin_Hsu February 27th, 2018 4:22 PM

Hi there,

Actually both the coax and the HC-1 are horn loaded tweeters. We molded the cone and pole piece to function as a constant directivity horn. Horn speakers are generally more efficient than their standard dome counterpart, but it really comes down to the overall design that determines the effect on timbre. I generally wouldn't consider either speaker to be extremely bright (while also acknowledging that perception of sound differs from person to person). I will say though that the CCB-8s are designed to be more smoother in the highs and they tend to be more forward and brighter sounding than the HB-1 Mk2/HC-1 Mk2's. If you do have high freq hearing loss, that would be the one I would recommend.

IndySSD March 6th, 2018 12:06 PM

I also have some (Mild) high freq hearing loss in my early 40s but my 78 Year old Grandfather has heavy high frequency hearing loss (38 years of factory work) and after I upgraded my primary 7 (L/R/C/SSRR/SSRL/RSRR/RSRL) to Hsu speakers (CCB8 for front 5, HB1 for rear surrounds) he spent HOURS listening to his favorite musicians on my setup because he said "This is the first time I've felt like I could ACTUALLY hear in years".

The clarity of these speakers REALLY can't be over stated. Everyone I've had over has been floored by how crisp and clear voices are.

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