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graymoment September 19th, 2019 2:08 PM

In-wall options
I am looking at in-wall speaker options at the moment while I have exposed studs in my house. I've had a 5.1 setup with (4) HB-1 MK2s, the HC-1 MK2 and and a ULS-15 MK2 subwoofer for many years now and am happy with the sound, but the space they all take up in the living room will not work with the new design (so I'm told by my better half). I largely agree given that this is a living room and not a dedicated movie room.

That leaves me looking for in wall options. I'm aware of the existence of the HIW-1 Speaker, but have seen very little in terms of audio quality comparison of it in comparison to the HB-1 (with an enclosure) or other in wall options. Can anyone who has installed these comment on them? Particularly if you have compared them to their HB-1 cousin?

Also, I saw a comment from HSU research on an AVI forum post from back when the CCB-8-S speakers were on pre-order, and it was mentioned that in in wall version of that speaker was in the works. It's been a while now. Can anyone from HSU Research comment on if those will be available anytime soon, and how big they'll be? The CCB-8-S speakers sound great, but I imagine half of that is accomplished because they have a monstrous enclosure.

Kevin_Hsu September 19th, 2019 2:45 PM

Hi there,

The HIW-1's do not have an enclosure, so their sound and performance is greatly influenced by the wall you put them on. They do have the same drivers as the HB-1 Mk2's. It terms of SQ, it ultimately depends on how you set them up, but with the natural inability to toe in the speaker, you do get less highs if you sit off axis and without a ported enclosure the HIW-1 will not be as efficient in the low end so you tend to lose a bit there as well. So in our demo room, if we use the HIW-1's as mains flat against the front wall, then my experience has been that tends to be a bit more mid-centric. However, when used as a surround, the differences become significantly less noticeable. Each room is different though. Right now, we're working through design issues with the CCB-8 in-wall variant.

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