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perfusionist November 8th, 2017 6:38 PM

Hello everyone, I live in Canada and I just bought one of the HSU subs (VT3 MK5). THe sub is awesome and I instantly fell in love. I am now considering the CCB-8 but I have a few questions for people who already own them. Because I am in Canada, I have no way to demo these speakers and Hsu also does not offer a return (trial) policy for us canadians.

1. I read some reviews where some people said the speakers are bright. Although its subjective, I am afraid it will sound harsh. For e.g. I dont like ribbon tweeters as I find they are a little harsher for my ears. I felt Martin Logan tweeters were harsh for me. Can anyone add any thoughts on how it compares to other speakers?

2. Do I haVve to be worried about the directionality of the speakers? I have 2 rows of seating and I want the sound to be available appropriately to both rows. Does anyone have a similar situation and can throw some light on positioning?


Kevin_Hsu November 9th, 2017 4:26 PM

Hi there,

1. That's a bit more difficult to say, they are certainly brighter, more forward/detailed than our HB-1 Mk2's. They are smooth though.

Just to serve as my personal opinion and observation, I wouldn't really characterize them as bright, certainly not overly bright. They don't fatigue my ears after long periods of listening, but each person is different. When we were showcasing the speakers at various audio shows, we didn't really get comments saying that it was bright. We actually got a couple of people who walked in and asked where are the highs. Certainly there are a lot of other speakers I've heard that sounded significantly brighter.

2. Are you talking about the constant directivity design of the horn? If so, then I wouldn't worry about that too much. If anything the horn provides a more controlled off axis response so that it remains smooth and musical off axis. Do you have a diagram of your room layout?

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