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kully560 January 21st, 2019 3:25 PM

vtf-2 mk4
I have been using 2 of these for 2 channel audio and would like to install new drivers as to tighten things up a lot. has anybody just replaced the speakers in these sub woofers, and was there a improvement in sound ? if so what drivers did you use. kind regards

Kevin_Hsu January 21st, 2019 4:45 PM

Have you tried running the subs in sealed config or using EQ 2, Q.3?

kully560 January 21st, 2019 6:20 PM

hi Kevin I am currently using eq.2 and Q3 and with 1 port open

Kevin_Hsu January 22nd, 2019 4:44 PM

I would try running sealed in that configuration and see if that tightens it up a bit for you. If you have it up against a wall, you could also try moving it a bit forward, but generally changing the port config, EQ, Q controls work quite well.

kully560 January 22nd, 2019 5:48 PM

thanks Kevin I will try sealed and let you know kind regards

kully560 January 23rd, 2019 4:23 PM

hi Kevin I prefer the eq2 and q.3 with both ports sealed as it seems to tighten things up a bit more for 2 channel audio. I know these are not the most expensive drivers for the price that these great subs cost . but would better drivers help out a lot more , or running a separate crossover with external amp be better?

Kevin_Hsu January 23rd, 2019 5:15 PM

I wouldn't want to say better drivers. The VTF-2 Mk4 driver is designed quite well and is optimized for that enclosure/tuning and amp combo. I can't give a recommendation either way, but my guess is that since sealed worked out better with EQ 2, Q.3, it may be that you're running into room acoustical interactions that may be making the sub sound more boomy. Where do you have the volume set on the sub? Are you using an AV receiver, stereo integrated amp, pre amp/power amp combo? Would you happen to have a diagram of your room layout by any chance?

kully560 January 23rd, 2019 6:20 PM

hi Kevin, the volume is set about a 1/4 way on each sub. I am also using a preamp and amp. I set the system up with a sound meter and have the subs set at 80 hz . I set the volume at 78dbs on the preamp and then turned off the amp and set each sub at 78dbs. the room is 11 feet wide by 22 feet long with 8 foot ceilings. both subs are in the corner of the 11 foot wide wall and the speakers are out from that wall about 4 feet. the sealed ports seem to tighten things up better but maybe the subs are over lapping my speakers bass which goes down to 48hz ? should I try lowing the crossover freq. and reset with the sound meter thoughts ? I also use the stereo pink noise [uncorrelated]to set the volume on the preamp to 78dbs is that correct?

Kevin_Hsu January 24th, 2019 4:51 PM

What volume level meter are you using and where are you seated in that room? Does your preamp have independent bass management at all? Just to confirm, you are using two subs? I would not lower the crossover, personally. I think placement and the EQ/Q/port settings just need to be optimized for the room.

kully560 January 24th, 2019 5:58 PM

hi Kevin I set the meter at 40- 90dbs and set the volume at 78 dbs on the preamp using the sound meter. I am using 2 vtf-2 mk4 subs and have no bass management on my preamp.

kully560 January 24th, 2019 6:02 PM

also I set the sound meter where I sit with the meter just facing up about 10 degrees

Kevin_Hsu January 25th, 2019 4:49 PM

OK. Do you know the brand and model of the meter you are using? Also how far are you seated from the front wall. That's going to help me a lot in finding placement options.

kully560 January 26th, 2019 4:14 AM

the name of the meter is Sinometer and the model is ms6700 digital sound level meter. I sit about 15 feet from the wall

Kevin_Hsu January 28th, 2019 4:59 PM

Thanks! Have you ever tried placing the subs to the left and right of your seating position?

kully560 January 29th, 2019 4:21 AM

I wish I had the room to do that but I think I am at my best now with them running at the sealed position

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