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Mrloren July 2nd, 2017 1:43 PM

and Another Audyssey question
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I've very happy with my VTF3-MK5. Nice deep bass that slams hard.

Only problem is when I run audyssey I change all speakers to small and crossover to 80. When I do this mid bass goes away. It sounds very hollow at this setting.

I then set my front and center to large and leave the crossover where audyssey set it and the system sounds great. Is this going to be a problem?

Everything I read says I should be set to small and 80. Attached is the grand canyon audyssey is setting.

Marantz SR5010
Polk Signature S60 main S30 center VTF3-MK5 sub TC80i front high RC80i rear.

Mrloren July 4th, 2017 8:42 PM

So my little OCD on this took over this morning.

I closed all the doors upstairs busted out the Audyssey mic and went to town.

#1, 4" port open sub set to 1 port open as per HSU instructions and yes the valley was still there

#2 same setup and phase set to 180... oh my that was bad diped down to -18 for the peak.

#3 two ports open and phase @ 0 came out the same as #1

#4 both ports plugged sealed mode and it was a little better than #1

I have two Marantz Audyssey mic's and one Onkyo. I did the above with all 3 and still can't get rid of that valley or set my mains to small and 80.

If I get time maybe I will do something not to smart like cover the bottom speaker on the S60 or run Audyssey with my S20 and then see what I get.

Happy 4th


Kevin_Hsu July 5th, 2017 5:28 PM

The port config probably won't help the dip at the crossover. Do you have a diagram of your room layout?

Mrloren July 5th, 2017 6:07 PM

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So I got home and busted out some Costco yellow towels. I plugged both the ports on the S60 towers. I ran Audyssey for a quick 3 point to see if it worked. Checked the settings and wam the deep valley was gone. oh yes. So I ran Audyssey again for the 6 point test. Freaking fridge kicked on in the middle of the test. so the left speaker is dipped hard on the lower end but comes up quick @ the 80hz mark. see attached

Audyssey set the speakers to small and crossover @ 60 with the towels in. I changed them all to 80 played some U2 it was nice and clean no boomy bass. Did the GoT battle for black water and oh yeah it's sweeter than it was.

The hollow sound is now gone.

Room is a totally open layout stairs, halls and kitchen.

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