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cfl001 February 16th, 2018 5:57 PM

Hsu Research HRSW-12v Subwoofer and Amplifier
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Selling a used HSU Research Subwoofer, model HRSW-12V, and separate 150W amplifier. I am the original owner and it is in excellent physical and working condition.

Downward firing 12" driver in ported cylindrical enclosure, size 22.5" H (including 2.5" spiked feet) x 23" diameter, black cloth cover on sides, granite paint finish on top, weight 50 pounds. Frequency response down to 16 Hz.

The 150W amplifier has connections for speakers or line level (RCA) inputs from a preamplifier (right and left channels), and the high pass outputs consist of line level (RCA) connections to a power amplifier which drives the satellites. There are switches on the amp for disconnecting the crossover filter (91 Hz), in case a subwoofer output on the preamp is preferred. There is also a "soft clipping" switch that activates a circuit for protection from overload. A phase inversion (180 degrees) switch and a volume potentiometer round out the amplifier controls. The main output of the amplifier is a set of metal binding posts as are the connections on the bottom of the enclosure. Thus, a short length of speaker cable (not supplied) is required.

Shipping is available, but will be expensive. 2 boxes:
27.25" 27.25" 24.125" (50.0 lbs.)
18.0" 18.0" 12.0" (15.0 lbs.)

Local pickup is available near Hershey PA.

Asking $425 obo, plus shipping.

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