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Originally Posted by dmass
What are the dimensions of the MBM-12? To be placed near-field, it needs to be small as possible to enable placement options.

Would FMOD inline cross over devices be a good choice to enable the proper freq cut off's for those of us driving a subwoofer and a MBM off a split sub woofer output from a receiver. FMOD info here:

What other options will there be for cross over control, phase adjustment and delay adjustment to balance the main's a subwoofer and the MBM?

Will the MBM blend well with a TN1220?
There is no need to get the FMOD. Simply feed sub out signal to both your subwoofer and the MBM. The MBM rolls off naturally at 50 Hz (cabinet tuning plus subsonic filter). Simply switch in the crossover in your subwoofer and set that to 50 Hz. That way, the MBM will cover from the crossover frequency set in oyur processor to 50 Hz, and your subwoofer from 50 Hz on down.

The MBM will work very well with the TN1220HO.
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