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Musicality in Subwoofers

Despite the fact that the current state of the ID subwoofer is something of an output/extension arms-race. Some are obviously less concerned about output/extension than about overall musicality.

I understand that musicality and high output need not be mutually exclusive, but I'm curious about whether a subwoofer that was made just for music would be designed differently than, e.g., the VTF-2 MkIII.

ACI and REL are reputed to sell very musical subs. They are certainly more expensive than comparable Hsu subs. I believe they both offer sealed enclosures (I know ACI does). Is there any correlation between this form and "musicality." Is there any reason for the reputation that these are unusually "musical" subs other than marketing puff?

If two subs have equally flat response curves from 20 hz to 90 hz and are also free of distortion at reasonable volume levels, is there any real distinction between the subs w/in those volume levels?

Is there any "musical" advantage to a sealed ACI sub over a big ported Hsu sub?

Any thoughts?
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