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Thanks for the pix.

I have De Waart's SFSO recording, which happens to be on the old (ca. 1990) Hsu Research deep-bass list. Sorry, I don't hear anything special. I know (according to the old list) that you have to turn the volume level WAY, WAY up. I haven't tried that. But the deep pedals are unnoticeable at what many people would consider to be "too loud" levels. I don't have Mata's recording. Eschenbach/Philly and Stern/Kansas City SO handle this quite well. I'm considering all of these recordings from a purely audiophile standpoint.

Edited to add: My first Telarc recording was the LP issue of Stravinsky's Firebird and Borodin's Polovtsian Dances with Robert Shaw. CDs weren't yet available in the U.S. when I bought it. When CDs were first offered to consumers in the U.S. I heard a couple of demos, and I was a bit disappointed. Sure, they were blessedly free of inner-groove distortion and wobbling pitch from off-center pressings, but the sound seemed to me a bit edgy. During the summer of 1984 I heard the Maazel recording of Rite of Spring on Telarc. This was my, "Oh, I gotta have that!" moment. I bought my first CD player on Dec 31, 2004. My first CDs, aside from a freebie with the player (Fisher), were that Rite of Spring on Telarc and Mahler 9 with Karajan. Both of these still play perfectly, and they still have fine sound. In fact, the original redbook CD of the Stravinsky is, to my ears, superior to the SACD issue of the same recording. I've been collecting classical recordings since 1959.

Edited further to add: I met the woman who would become my wife in 1964. She had the LP set of "The Union" with Frederick Fennell. The record has a cannon shot to start off the final march of the "Grand Army of the Republic." She told me the stylus on her record player would jump from the groove at the cannon shot. She never got to hear the cannon shot. It played OK on my own equipment. We still have that LP set. The cannon shot is nothing compared to the 1812 on Telarc.

Edited still further: There was a gentleman I once knew only from his regular attendance at our annual Brucknerthons in San Diego. I knew he had some professional background in audio and music from when he previously lived in NYC. But it wasn't until after he died that I learned that he was an organ tuner. He was the official tuner for the organ at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange Co. Oh, how I wished I could have talked to him about organs when I had the chance. He must have had some fantastic stories.

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