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We purchased a vtf-3 mk5 hp about 5 months ago, and we are still having some difficulty getting it to sound exactly how we want it to. We love how it sounds for movies for the most part, but music is lacking mid-bass. Before I explain any further here is our floor plan.

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The ceiling is 8' tall. Round the wall lengths to the nearest foot, the program was not playing nice! The green cubes are the main speakers and the black rectangle is the vtf-3. And as you can see the room opens to an adjoining room of close to the same size, and also to a hallway.

We have not been able to get the subwoofer to sound good for both movies and music. Most positions around the room we have tried have yielded recessed mid bass. The current spot it is in sounds great for Blu-Ray movies and other high quality movie content with low bass, except for a couple caveats. The subwoofer gain is turned to about 10 1/2 and the level on the receiver set to -1 db, and with these settings there is lots of port noise with any strong content lower than about 25 hz.

Other settings on the sub were a Q of 0.5, EQ 1, and crossover out. The main speakers are running callibrated with Audyssey but we opted to not calibrate the subwoofer as it tended to screw with the subwoofers sound in ways we didn't like.

Any suggestions on placement and settings? How far out from the wall should the subwoofer be when in a corner or along a wall? Should we move the listening position and rearrange the room? Any and all help is appreciated!
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