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Sub in a cubby??

Howdy, folks

Please take a look at my theater layout below and let me know what you think about sub placement in my room. I"ll be using (4) subs total, two of which are RBH T2 bottom sections and two of which are VTF3-MkII's.

I feel sure the four corners would be the best placement but the problem is that one corner is very narrow because of the entrance door. If I stick one there it will only be about half in the corner and half out in the doorway.

I was thinking about building a cubby in the wall at the corner (see green dashed line) and stick the sub in there. I could also stick the one in the adjacent corner into a cubby if needed so they will match. I would prefer not to since the walls are built but I can. Also note that the one in the adjacent corner will be on the 15" high riser. The riser will be vented and is stuffed with insulation in order to be an absorber (sort of bass trap).

The walls are built on clips, channels, one layer of 5/8" OSB, Green Glue and final layer of 5/8" sheetrock. So, thoughts??? Suggestions???

Thanks for looking!
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