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Originally Posted by wardsweb View Post
...I worry that it may be too much...I want to fill in the lower end of my system...I want something to work in the teens and 20's...I listen to mostly jazz, classical and vocals.

I would go with whatever digs the deepest. When I was looking a couple years ago for same, the ULS-15 was the flagship of the line in the infrasonic department. Spec'd down just about a decibel at 15 Hz. That is not the case with the new version.

As far as being 'too much', I would only say that a PROPERLY integrated subwoofer will only reproduce the information contained in the source material, and NOTHING MORE. (If you find yourself listening to the subwoofer in a system rather than the system itself, then I would say that is not a well-integrated, musical, balanced system.) The subwoofer in a system should be no more obvious than the tweeters or midranges -- except that it covers the range most lacking in many systems, therefore making its inclusion more 'obvious' in that regard. But I don't think you can have 'too much' amplification or radiating area when it comes to infrasonics.

The best subwoofer in my opinion is the one that draws no undue attention to itself. Hope you find it (or them).
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