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First impressions and beyond

Finally, after much tweaking of this or that I got my VTF-1 dialed in. Finally found a spot for it where it works best for the room.
My impressions of this sub? In a word; Fabulous!!!!!!
It is very precise! Works very well with my Onkyo 705 AVR and my old main speakers as well as my cheapo surrounds.

Musically: This thing is as tight as it gets on the right settings. It has brought new life to my CD collection. You should hear what it does for improve be-bop jazz quartets! I hear bass I did not hear before. (I only thought I heard it before). I'm an audiophile when it comes to music and I used to work in the biz as a sound engineer and also a music director for a radio station so I know what I hear when I hear it. This sub is right on the money. It blends perfectly! (After set up of course).
It comes in at just the right time and does not go out of sync at all. I have tested it on Jazz as mentioned above as well as Burt Bachrach which I only thought I was hearing before. I have also tested it on Rush, ambient, hard rock and everything in between and it really brings out the life of the recordings.
Movies: Let me just say that I can now process THX! All the DVDs I watched before have come alive with this sub!!!! I tried Start Trek Wrath of Khan first and was not too impressed with it. The reason I found out is the DVD version I have is HD in PQ, but lousy in sound. It seems they made the sound too flat or something. The sub would not activate on the explosions in that movie. In fact there are very little sounds in that movie that hit the sub's range.
However, I then switched over to Star Wars.....WOW!!!!!!! It was better than when I first saw it in the movie theater!!!! Not only is my TV new (Samsung LCD), but the THX sound logo blew me away as did the sound throughout the movie. It was really something. It added a whole new demonsion to the movie.
It's like hearing CDs and watching movies for the first time again!

HSU knows how to make a sub and proves that one does not need to spend $900, $1300 or more for a very well made high performance sub. In fact, I know of no one else that makes an adjustable sub such as the VTF series of HSU!
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