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I did it!

Well, I finally pulled the trigger; I got the wife to okay the purchase (she actually said "get what you want") but since I have to shoestring the purchases, I got the VTF-1 instead of the VTF-2 and will start putting beans in the jar toward the Oppo BD player.

Also, the good Dr. Hsu responded to my email and said the VTF-1 would work just fine. I went around the horn many times among a HSU and a PB-12NSD, an A3-250, an EPIK Sentinel, and a DT ProSub 800, but I always wanted a Hsu ever since I saw the original cylinder designs.

It also doesn't hurt that my family name is also Hsu. (It's a very popular Chinese name.) Anyway, now I can't wait for this thing to ship. Come to Papa! (Also thanks to anubis; I've been reading his hunting posts here and at AVS.)
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