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Question about vtf 2.3 port noise vs vtf3.2

i have a general question for any vtf 2.3 owners. i recieved my sub a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying it, this was a 2nd sub purchase as i already own a vtf 3.2 i threw in the demo disc that was included with purchase and my question is this, if any one has listened to it on the 1st track @ 29 sec, @ 1 min 51 sec, 2min 10 sec, 2 min 28 sec, @ 3min 7sec on that really low note does it make a wooshing noise from port of sub is that normal? reason i ask is that the 3.2 does not make any wooshing noisse with those notes. i have them both calibrated also dialed in slight above 9 o'clock and -5 sub dial in on my rotel rsp 1068 does any one else experience that wooshing effect.
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