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Is the new VTF-2.3 compatible with the original VFT-2?

My current set-up is used for both music and movies. My mains' in-room freq response goes down to ~27Hz (according to REW) before rolling off (all other speakers drop off just around or below 40Hz). My sub is the original VTF-2 in 25Hz tune it actually goes down to ~21Hz before beginning roll-off. I have my x-over set to 60Hz with the mains receiving full-bass signals. So far this is working great for both music and movies. Relatively smooth blending of the bass when listening to music... and then room-shaking low freq violence during the movies.

Recently I've been thinking about trying to add more bass extension for movies (I don't really need any more dBs as the current VTF2 has plenty left to spare), so this is what I've come up with... adding a VTF-2.3 with 18Hz tuning and changing the VTF2 to 32Hz tuning. I would stack the two as the current sub location is perfect acoustically (in-room freq response according to REW is relatively flat) and use a Y-adapter to feed the two subs the same signal from my Onkyo.

My worry is... will this set-up unbalance the sound? too loud around 30-50Hz due to the two subs reproducing those freqs and suddenly weak below 30Hz due to only one sub being capable down low. I do like the 'snappiness' and accuracy to the bass my mains provide and the VTF-2 currently just seems to 'fill out the bottom end' making it sound slightly fuller (without getting too 'heavy')... I'm assuming the 10" speaker means it will be a little less "heavy" sounding than the 12" in the lower extending VTF2.3... meaning the 2.3's contribution would be a bit sloppier (really heavy) in the higher freqs (30-50Hz range). So what are these two subs going to sound like playing together?
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