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I like listening to music more than watching movies.I have the Stf-3 paired with Axiom M80 floor standing speaker.While the Axioms sound really good on their own adding the Stf-3 just makes listening so much more enjoyable.Without the sub the mains do go down pretty low but with it,it's like a whole different setup.I don't know how to explain it to good but with the sub in play the whole system seems more focused.The highs seem better the mids just stand out more and the bass,o man the bass,this sub is incredible.When listening to music like ZZ Topp,Ac/Dc and Rush the kick drum just pounds ya in the chest. When I get into playing some blues tunes I can hear every bass note as it was meant to be heard,this sub is no one note wonder.Like I said I don't know why but I do know what I hear,and it is sweet.

I would like to add my H/T system is the Hsu VT12s and a Hsu Vtf-2.I really haven't been much of a movie buff.Having the Hsu system for our movies has made watching them 1000% more enjoyable.This is an incredible little system that can rival some much larger systems.When we have someone over for a movie and they hear what the Hsu system can do all they can say is WOW.That's the same reaction my family had when they first heard it.This sytems still amazes me everytime I fire it up.

Kudos to Dr. Hsu and his team for such great prducts at such a fair price.

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