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Where to put a couple subs???

Pete and anyone else willing to offer advice,

Where do I put a couple of VTF-15's in a room like the one least I hope I can get the pic to embed correctly. I have them in the ideal locations functionality wise with both of them being end tables. The dimensions should show up clearly, but the room is 14' by 18' ceiling height is a little bit under 8'. It is open to a short hallway and some stairs, so it's not sealed. The room will be treated with bass traps floor to ceiling in the three available corners and some trapping behind the fronts and TV as well as on the back and side wall in spots. I also have Anthem's ARC available to help tame some stuff electronically. So to those with far more experience than me are the proposed locations going to work well?? The dimensions of the sectional don't quite look right in the in the picture but the short side is 100" and the long side is 147" and I do have it pulled out about a foot or more from the back wall. If you need more info from me to make a recommendation please let me know. Thanks in advance for all your help.
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