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HSU Research Customer Service not acting fairly

Two weeks ago, I ordered a pair of VTF-15H MK2 to replace two dead Velodyne 18” subs. The stupid mistake I made was to not take measurements and assume that a 15” sub would always fit in a space where an 18” was integrated in my theater furniture. I was wrong and they do not fit as they are too deep and too tall. The smaller 15’ model does not fit either, although only by an inch. The shipping cost was around $300 for the pair.
I called customer service, who nicely offered to take them back, especially since I didn’t even unpack them. However, they categorically refused to offer the same shipping cost as what they charged me to send them to me. In fact, the lady on the phone literally said “It’s really expensive to ship back and you should sell them locally”. Turns it she knows very well, because the cheapest UPS cost is $600 for the pair instead of $300 that HSU can pay to ship.
I find this answer to be particularly unfair as I will now be down $900 (300+600) for my mistake instead of $600 (300+300). I really don’t understand why HSU cant provide their shipping rate along with the RMA they provided.
I do not like to sell gear on the internet and it would need to be a pickup type of sale, so the option to sell locally is unappealing to me.
Anyways, I wanted to mention this situation because I think I am being treated unfairly by the company. The customer support lady was pretty firm, and I even had my wife call back the next day and she got the same answer. So we know where HSU stands.
Disappointing .
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