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Originally Posted by Pete_Hsu View Post
Hi ML, and welcome to you too!

I would recommend VTF-2 MK3 for your room and budget constraints. This unit just came back in stock.

Thanks Pete for the suggestion VTF2.3 is exactly what I was planning and hoping you would suggest in the first place. My only fear was due to my apartment setting as well as layout that it might be a bit too much provoking me to try enjoying it fully resulting in compromising situation with my building manager.

Any idea of the ideal placement by looking at the limitations of my layout to maximize the sound and minimize the "distortion" (noting that the curved area of my unit are all large windows)? Also the floor is cement with carpet thought and blinds are aluminum and custom thus not possible to change? Would you suggest adding to VTF something like Auralex Gramma to further maximize the acoustic isolation and would it help minimize the unpleasant transfer of vibrations to the

Thanks in advance for you continuing help.
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