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I have a 1220 powered by my Carver 1.5T amp. Your amp went belly up some time ago. I am updating my system and have 3 questions.

1. How far from the side wall and front wall is ideal for this speaker. I have Martin Logan Vantage (in a 7.1 system) using a Onkyo 885P with audyssy multieq xt. My room is 12x15x8. We sit 9.5' from the front speakers. The 1220 would be placed slightly behind and the left of the left Vantage speaker. I set the xvoer usally at 40 hhz. The ML's go done to 35 Hz or so.

2. Would the 1220 pair well with your new soon to come out 1220? I could put another sub on the right.

3. In my current system would any addtional equaizatoin for the 1220 help (to get down to 20 hz). currently it is coming in at 40 hz.



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