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Too True!

Originally Posted by craigsub
I have learned through experience that the deductible on my hospitalization policy and the amount of labor time it takes me to personally do potentially harmful projects which require me to climb a ladder MORE than justifies the expense of hiring a professional to do it.

Listen to your wife...
Once upon a time, I was carrying a solid-cherry double headboard in my two arms and stepping from joist to joist in the attic. Missed a joist and went through up to mid-thigh, being halted in my downward motion by straddling a joist. Wife came running at the noise, saw my leg sticking through the ceiling, heard my moan, and yelled, "Are you OK?!!!?" My feeble "Yes" in response, she yelled, "Why?!!!?" I think that may have been a vote of no confidence.

When the subject of my wires first came up, I responded that her father was a master plumber and she grew up with leaky plumbing; I'm an electrical engineer, so why would she expect my wires to be dressed? That wore thin, so my response was that I was still tweaking the configuration -- which is always true for folks like us. Not going to be able to put it off much longer, though.
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