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The 8'4" opening is to a "sun" room that is 10' x 14'.
The 3' opening at the top right leads into the kitchen.
The 3' opening lower right is a window into the dining room.
This room is being added to the back of the home with the right side of the drawing next to the existing home and the left is pointing away from the home.

So I really need to move the listening seating closer to the front speakers and video?

Would 1-2 feet be enough to help? I am in a room with the same equipment today that is 11' x 14' and my seating is 11 feet from the front and I was hoping not to be closer. But if it is needed I will do what is necessary to have a good aural experience.

I am making the assumption the the new VTF-15 I just ordered from you was a positive move as a pair for this room???

My listening is 50/50 movie to music.

As for other locations... what about the rear two corners facing forward or?
I could put them on either side of the couch but I was afraid it would be too much for the two of us sitting there. I didn't have a good image but the couch is really two oversized recliners with a 12" center between them.

Actually they could be moved anywhere alog the side walls. I'd hate to spend this much and not get the most out of them.
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