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I believe the more proper response is this: The VTF-2 may or may not be adequate for that sized room. It will depend on the type of music and movies you like and the sound pressure level you want to attain. The best option is to use the sub you now have and optimize its position. The position you mention probably won't optimize the loudness since most subs are very dependent upon using the room for low frequency reinforcement. I prefer my sub in the front corner and I hardly have it turned up. Putting the sub in the middle of the front wall will deprive you of some of the subs potential loudness. If you cannot "pressurize" the room to your satisfaction, send it back and get the VTF-3. Hsu may even work out a deal to help defray the cost of shipping if you are buying the next one up. However, it may be more than enough for you, and if so, you got a great deal on a great sub. Enjoy!
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