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Hi Kevin,

I picked up my second STF-1 today and decided to put it upstairs in dual sub duty using the L and R line inputs. Meaning, the left sub connected to left line in and the right sub connected to right line in. I assume this is the desired connections when setting up dual subs.

Regarding the room layout, I drew something up to help visualize. The ceilings are 8 feet high. The opening to the stairwell has stairs going down to the main floor and stairs going to the second floor. The Great Room is on a split level over the garage, closer to the second floor height than the main floor. The stairwell ceiling is level with the second floor ceiling which goes up another 2 feet higher than the Great Room ceiling, for a total of 10 feet high.

I previously had the STF-1 in the right corner and it sounded great. I haven't had a chance to test and play with the dual sub setup just yet. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I am still considering a new sub to move the STF-1 to the other rooms in the house, replacing lesser quality subs in those rooms. For now I think I'm going to try the dual sub setup for learning purposes.

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