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I just ordered one of the last few VTF3-MK2's from yesterday and am very much looking forward to receiving it!

I have heard though that the MK3's are no longer available through either of the Canadian sources (EFL and superteck) now? Is that true? If so, how come? It costs an arm and a leg to ship these heavy subs up from the US to an individual, and the brokerage fees and whatnot will be nuts.

I know there are a lot of us Canadians who shy away from buying things out of the US for these reasons, and prefer to seek out a Canadian source. If I hadn't been able to get an HSU through EFL or some other Canadian source, I probably never would have bought one. Just my $0.02!

None-the-less, I'm very much excited about my purchase and the impending retirement of my Infinity PS12.

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