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Thanks! I would say for that room, two VTF-1 Mk3's should be OK. Most of the music material stated doesn't really dig that low, so in terms of the extension of the VTF-2 Mk5, it may not be as noticeable. Most top 40 songs or classic rock/alternative/pop/country don't really dig much deeper than 30 Hz. Unless you start venturing into dubstep/EDM, pipe organ music, then the VTF-2 Mk5 would probably be a better bet. Another thing to consider is how much clean headroom you need. If you and your girls like to turn up your system and play at moderately loud playback levels every once in a while, then the VTF-2 Mk5 may end up being the better option. In two ports open mode, it would give you very similar extension to the VTF-1 Mk3, but play significantly louder and cleaner with less port noise and compression. In terms of whether these subs would be an improvement over your current one, they can be. Other than the extension aspect, if you tend to listen to low to moderate levels, the STF-1's may be OK, but if you play any sub loud enough, it will start to compress and sound less full and it would also sound like it's hitting a wall in its performance. Yea sometimes having the sub closer to the wall will cause boundary gain, so your deeper bass can be boosted significantly over the mid, which would make the sub sound boomy. With our newer subs, they do have EQ and Q control functions that will tame the lower bass but can also be used to improve your dynamic range as well. In terms of the port facing the wall, it may not matter too much, but I would keep the port at least 3" away from the wall. Where are you seated in that room?
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