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thinking buying the VTF-1 MK3

I keep going from one to another with these subs. I been out of audio for a long time, when I was last in it there just wasn't many subwoofers around here. Now since getting my JBL L100T's out of storage and repaired with new crossovers I may add a sub. One thing that worries me is all the shipping cost that could be involved if problems happens with the HSU. The two subs I looking at (only online) are theVFT-1 MK3 and the SVS PB-1000. They seem to be about the same or very close. Has any on here had issues with the HSU? So much different information out there, guys over on the Lansing forums tell me that these subs while they may go lower will never have the clean bass the L100T's produce.......Thanks

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