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Brand New 10" M-Audio Sub For Sale!

Have a brand new 10" BX M-Audio sub for sale. Bought it and hooked it up. Not long after my apartment manager comes running upstairs and demands that I turn it down immediately. No need to get evicted. Wanted to just send it back. However, return shipping to the West Coast is way too expensive. Therefore, looking to upload it more locally. Willing to drive within a 30-mile radius of the 42420 zip code area. Asking ONLY $165 if the buyer comes and picks it up OR $175 if I have to drive to seal the deal. Have the original box and all supporting documentation, and etc. Will include cabling if needed.

The BX sub has both balanced and unbalanced inputs. Both high and low pass filters at 24 db/octave. Even comes with a foot pedal whereby the bass can be stopped instantly. This sub hits hard and deep. Great deal even at $175! If interested, then send me a PM! Thanks!

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