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Originally Posted by ccarzoo View Post
I just bought a 15h mk2 to add to my 3.3 with turbo and mbm 12, I have the turbo with all ports open, do you know how I should run the new sub, as far as ports go with XT32, and to avoid making the 3.3 chuff.
If you gain match them, then place them properly so the response sums, you'll need less gain on the 3.3, which will naturally reduce any chuff. Kevin may have some better suggestions, but I'm pretty sure it's recommended to run 1 port open, EQ1, and Q at 0.7 for the initial calibration (that's how I run both of my VTF-15H Mk2 subs, but I wanted deep bass over everything, and I have enough woofage in my room that I have output to spare since I also run a pair of TN1220HO subs).

I would suggest a MiniDSP 2x4HD and Umik-1 and free REW software. Then you can get your 3.3 & VTF-15 all playing together as well as possible. Audyssey is rather limited in what it can do, so if you don't get a MiniDSP, then you might have to experiment with the phase switches and re-running Audyssey to see what comes out best.
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