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Originally Posted by jlm86 View Post
I have lived with my HSU setup 5.1 package , with VTF 15 for a while now.
Running a Onkyo T809 AVR with HTPC build.

The movies are amazing with DTS, TRUE HD etc.

I have been re-exploring some old rock music now, and try to capture the huge sound i had in my 20's...

Would Pro amplification demonstrate any difference in the pure music ? I have been using 2 channel w/sub of late on vinyl records.
I have a 5.1 system with the HB-1 Mk 2 (one is on its side for the center) and a VTF-3 Mk 4 sub. It's great for movies, but with music I have very mixed feelings. The speakers have an internal resonance that you'll discover if you run a frequency sweep. Some notes are very prominent, and they interact with the natural resonance of my outer ear canals (really!), which makes some music almost painful to hear. I don't recall hearing that with other speakers.
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