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New MBM to go with my VTF-3 HO Turbo?

I should probably preface this thread by saying that it has been awhile since I have been in the home theater market. I had a humble one years ago before I lived in a townhouse but basically had to shelve it most of the time because of the shared walls with the neighbors. Well, now I am back in market so to speak and I would like to dust of some of my old equipment (sub, speakers) while refreshing some others (Receiver, Source equipment).

So having said that, One of things I have always wanted to do was pair the MBM-12 with my VTF-3 HO Turbo. However, my research has shown me that this product (MBM-12) has been replaced with the ULS-15 MK2.
My question is: Would this combination be inappropriate? I would essentially have the VTF-3 HO Turbo handling the deep bass while the ULS-15 MK2 would handle the punchy, articulate bass. It just seems strange because the MBM would actually have a larger driver than the VTF-3 and probably more capable overall so not sure if this is the route I should go. I definitely want to do duel subs in my next setup. I am just trying to find the right combination.

Any thoughts on this?

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