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Originally Posted by A/Vbuff179 View Post
The VTF-1 mk3 would be great. Usually it is not used as an MBM, but I think you could still use it that way. I'm thinking you can use the Y-splitter and probably still place it "near field". Set it to 2-port or sealed mode so it plays down to only 32Hz. Then place the VTF-3 HO up front in one of the corners, set it to max extension, crossover switch to "in", and set the crossover dial somewhere between 30-35Hz. This is what I had in mind, but I could be wrong. I hope I shed some more light on this.
Yeah, that sounds good. I actually have an Onkyo 10 inch sub in the bedroom that I might pull down just to try things out with. If things go well there then I'll probably take the plunge on the VTF-1 MK3.
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