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Originally Posted by Kevin_Hsu View Post
Sorry for the super late response. I didn't even see the new threads. If you were to look to getting a sub to use along your current one, it's always best to get one that has similar power, if not more. In this case, the ULS-15 Mk2, in MBM mode, would play louder and cleaner, so it would be a good choice to run along with the VTF-3 HO. It may be that the VTF-3 HO will play louder and cleaner in the deeper bass than the ULS-15 Mk2, but since you are separating the two, the bottleneck becomes less of an issue.

No worries! Thank you for responding!
So you would put the ULS-15 Mk2 in MBM mode nearfield and the VTF-3 HO in max extension w/turbo farfield in that arrangement?
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