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HB-1 MK2 vs CCB-8 vs Floor Standing Speakers

I hope that it's all right that I post this here. I'm very weak with my knowledge of audio and audio equipment, but I am looking for some advice on speakers. I bought my HSU VTF-2 MK 3 several years ago, and I'm still loving it. It's still rattling my whole house and knocking things over, just as any worthy sub should. Well, I'm finally looking to upgrade from my little JBL speakers to come close to match the quality of my sub.

Some quick information: My living room is about 13' wide, 21' long and the ceiling reaches about 12'. But the ceiling actually is kind of a V shape, so it's not like the entire ceiling is 12'. So, by those measurements, I guess my room is about 3276 cubic feet, although because of the ceiling shape it would be less. The speakers will be used primarily for TV and movies but occasionally some music as well.

What should I be considering? I had been thinking about the 3.0 speaker package with the HB-1 speakers, but I had some people say that I should be looking at floor standing speakers for a room that size. I'm curious about the CCB-8, but in all honesty, they are out of my price range. What exactly are the advantages, in terms an audio dummy would understand? As it is, I can't afford the 5.0 package for the HB-1s from here right now and would need to buy two additional speakers at a later date anyway. I'm willing to do everything piecemeal if that's the way it needs to be.

Anyway, would the HB-1 speakers be enough for my room or do I need something bigger/more powerful? Even if I can't afford them, would the CCB-8 speakers be far better for my situation?

For someone so inexperienced in audio, trying to pick out new speakers can be so overwhelming! So many brands, models, choices, not to mention how expensive everything is. I appreciate any help that can be provided.
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