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There's others more qualified to post than me since I am not too sure what you do with two subs running Audyssey, but one thing I would recommend is setting the crossovers in the speaker config section of the setup menu to 80 hz. 40 is too low and you are leaving a gap between the subs (which kick in at 40) and the Hsu bookshelf speakers which do not go down that low. I used to have the HB-1's and had the crossover point set at 80 hz, using a VTF2 Mk 3 sub. That seemed to work pretty good. If your crossover is set at 40, that is definitely too low.

The 120 hz LFE is fine. You can leave it there. As for the THX setting, my suggestion is to set it to No, or Off. Personally I think THX is pretty hideous and makes everything sound muffled and dull. I have no idea what BGC is.

The main thing is to reset your crossovers to 80 hz. Then play with the loudness plus on or off and see how it sounds to you with each mode.

Good luck with everything!
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