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Originally Posted by Rodb View Post

I also have a question about Audyssey stup on my Onkyo 708. I have HB-1's for front HC-2 for center, axiom QS8's for surrounds and a HSU ULS-15 Sub. When I ran Audyssey, in the speaker configuration section it set my fronts to 50hz, center to 40 hz and surrounds to 120 hz. When I changed all the speakers to 80hz it seems to sound much better. Do you have a recomendation for the settings? Thanks,

If it sounds better to you at 80 hz, I would leave it like that. That is a better setting for the Hsu speakers since expecting them to cover the range down to 50hz is not realistic. Personally, I don't like Audyssey at all and don't understand why so many people think it is the most wonderful invention known to man and rely on it more than their own ears.
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