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Is the Hybrid 15 - 5.1 overkill for 2000 cu. ft?

This may be a bit of a rhetorical question - BUT, I'm interested in opinions on whether this package is overkill for a room that is about 2000 cubic feet. Mind you, it's our living room and is not closed off - so I wasn't sure if I should consider the volume of the adjacent areas (kitchen, formal dining room, breakfast bar) that are separated by a door opening about 4ft x 8ft.

The room is not a rectangular shape, and 2 stairwell openings, and a small reading nook that is oddly shaped and part of the main living room area itself - all of this is probably a good thing to eliminate standing waves.

At some later point the system will move to the basement, to an area that will be about ~5100 cu. ft (18 x 36 x 8) unfinished. Thinking long term is why I am opting for this system rather than buying small now and then having to upgrade later.

I'm in Ontario, Canada and hoping to buy this for coming xmas - may have to ship to a US PO BOX near Buffalo or Niagara to save on duty etc - still haven't worked out the kinks on that part yet.

Any thoughts?
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