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Originally Posted by acepaul View Post
Thanks for all the feedback on the settings. I have settled into the one port eq1 q control .3 for music and .7 for movies. I really enjoy the headroom and extension. I talked to Kevin today and he mentioned that the volume knob is VERY sensitive so a little adjustment goes a long way.

I also have to admit that I just ordered a second MK2.

Since my Denon does not eq the sub, I plan on controlling separate levels, eq and delay with a MiniDSP unit running a 2 way crossover plugin. Once the unit gets here, it will be time to learn how to use REW so I can correct for the room, personal tastes, etc.

I would appreciate feedback from anybody who has been through this process with a dual sub setup.

Why did I order a second one?? Well, to fill in a few nulls in the room, increase headroom at lower frequencies and decrease strain from running the subs at their limit. At least that is what I tell my wife. I just want to be knocked off the sofa every time something blows up!
Hey welcome to the world of dual subs. I'm also running dual 15H mk2 subs with a MiniDSP with the 2 ways crossover plugin(2.1 Advanced plugin) and REW.

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