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Update: I bypassed the BASH amp and am powering the driver of one sub with a Marani amp that has about 2200 watts RMS per channel. I have had these VTF-15H MK2's for over five years so I know how they sound. The bigger amp is amazing! It is just a bit louder but the control it has over the driver is much greater than the stock amp. Bass is much more defined and tactile. Have to EQ a bit with the Marani DSP to protect the driver from being overdriven.

I have a special high power driver that I'm having made to test against the stock driver. It has two voice coils vs the HSU single coil. Will be fun to see the difference, especially if I run one channel of the amp per coil. We are talking over 4000 watts RMS!!! This will rival some VERY expensive subs on the market. Maybe HSU might come out with a higher power version of the sub?
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