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Originally Posted by mystro View Post
skool, these stands may be solid, but their hight are not adjustable. Yes, the ones I choose might have small base plate but they can clam together the sides of the speaker, I don't think I will use screws but velcro instead.

skool, which kind of banana plugs I should go for? I am looking at this

I need like 14 plugs since I have 7 speakers now.
Is there a particular reason why you would prefer adjustable stands? Adjustable stands tend to be weak and are best for satellite-type speakers. All you really need a pair of stands that will ultimately place the HB-1's horn at ear-level or slightly higher for surround placement.

I prefer the closed screw type rather than the one you gave. That's what I am using.

I would not mount the HB-1, like ShadyJ said, unless necessary. Since the HB-1s are rear ported, consider at least 3-5 inches of clearance space behind them.
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