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Originally Posted by shadyJ View Post
good idea about the stands, you don't want to mount those speakers against the wall since they are rear ported. You will want some space between the back of the speaker and the wall.
At first I was looking at this but my celling is not very high and I don't want to lay wires all over my celling, plus once mounted I can't move them around as I might move my couch or sitting in the future. So, I was looking and wanted to get this =8-1 , but it is a little high and can't really see how the placing of the speaker base plate is like. So, I when for this instead "Audio Research DSP-002B" they have 3 different mounting options, and I think the stand base are solid/heavy and won't topple easily.

Originally Posted by skool View Post
Is there a particular reason why you would prefer adjustable stands? Adjustable stands tend to be weak and are best for satellite-type speakers. All you really need a pair of stands that will ultimately place the HB-1's horn at ear-level or slightly higher for surround placement.

I prefer the closed screw type rather than the one you gave. That's what I am using.

I would not mount the HB-1, like ShadyJ said, unless necessary. Since the HB-1s are rear ported, consider at least 3-5 inches of clearance space behind them.
skool, I choose adjustable because of my couch not very sure about the sitting height and don't want it to be too high over my head or too low. Also, in the future I might also change my couch to something else.

By the way, I was thinking about the same banana plug you recommended, but I thought the side with holes might be better? Because wires can also be inserted from the top or below. Maybe I am wrong?
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