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Originally Posted by kribnutz View Post

I recently bought a brand new VTF2 MK4 sub. This was my first sub EVER for my first HT setup EVER and as can be expected, I was jumping around with joy when I got it and listened to some music and Movies on it.
Now after 3 weeks, it has developed this disconcerting rattle inside the box that is very audible and has left me worried about the reliability of these subs.

I have read some related posts on this forum so let me state that I have no kids, so no questions of stuff sticking inside the ports. Below are the stats that might be helpful in trying to analyze the problem

Sub volume level on Sub - 9 o'clock position
Crossover - Out, 80 Hz for LFE + Main set at Receiver (Denon 2112CI)
1 port open, Max Extension mode (switch on EQ1)
Master Volume: - 26dB
Channel Trim level: +1 dB, +0.5 dB, +0.5dB, -9dB (L, C, R, Sub)
Spiked feet on tiled floor.

I played the Test tone CD and the rattle comes on only at Track 15 (63 Hz). Tracks 9 to 14 and 16 to 20 play without any issues. If I press the sub box/ enclosure on the right edge, the rattle stops.
I did this during the playback of the test tone successfully a number of times: play Track 15 and when the rattle comes, press on the right top edge of the sub and the rattle stops. Let go of the right top edge and rattle comes back which leads me to believe that something has come loose inside the sub.

Please help me as I bought this sub based on reviews and while the sound itself sounds great, the reliability and longevity is now becoming a big concern for me


Are the feet on the tiled floor with no padding in between? If so, it may be buzzing/rattling against the hard surface. Put the sub on a soft surface and see if it still buzzes.
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