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Originally Posted by Ryan_Hsu View Post
Nice headphones! I have the ATH AD700 myself and it's been a great, I especially love the weightless feel.

Elevating the second subwoofer should be fine, you will get a slightly different frequency response depending on the height of the elevated subwoofer. What is the height of the elevated subwoofer?
Also, what is the distance from ports in the back to the wall with the elevated subwoofer?
The AD700s are incredibly comfortable! I do wish they had a fuller bottom end though -- I end up turning the bass tone control up a few dB when I listen to them...

The right sub is sitting an entertainment center that is 24" high, so the center of the driver is probably at 32" or so. I'm toying with the idea of putting the subs on either side of the fireplace, with the speakers just outboard of the subs and the entertainment center along the right-hand wall (assuming my speaker cables are long enough!).
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